Underarm Right or Left Handed Concealed Gun Holster


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2492 in stock


Introducing our Underarm Right or Left Handed Concealed Gun Holster, a premium solution for discreet and comfortable firearm carry. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tactical holster is designed for those with a chest size ranging from 38 to 43 inches. Here’s why you should choose ours:

  1. Material and Construction: Made from high-quality, breathable neoprene, our holster ensures optimal comfort even during extended wear. The material is not only light but also stretches to accommodate your movements, making it an ideal choice for various activities.

  2. Cool and Breathable: Stay cool and composed with our holster’s lightweight and breathable design. Micro air holes facilitate air circulation, preventing discomfort caused by excessive heat.

  3. Secure and Adjustable: Featuring an enhanced Velcro closure and a length extension option, our holster provides a secure and customizable fit. The adjustable straps ensure that the holster stays in place, offering peace of mind throughout your daily activities.

  4. Versatile Carry Options: With a unique design and a removable shoulder strap, our holster allows for multiple carrying options. Choose the configuration that suits your preferences, whether it’s under the arm or over the shoulder.

  5. Protective Padding: The internal thick foam pad adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your chest from pressure points that may occur during extended wear. This thoughtful feature ensures both comfort and safety.

  6. Compact Dimensions: Measuring at 6.25″ x 3″, our holster provides a snug fit for a variety of handguns, ensuring a discreet and streamlined profile while maintaining accessibility.

Choose our Underarm Right or Left Handed Concealed Gun Holster for a reliable, comfortable, and versatile solution to discreetly carry your firearm. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and comfort with our thoughtfully designed holster.

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