Emergency Paracord & 4mm Led Light Survival Multifunction Bracelet


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Introducing the Emergency Paracord & 4mm LED Light Survival Multifunction Bracelet — Your Compact and Reliable Companion for Outdoor Preparedness.

Key Features:

  • 4mm LED Light with Switch:

    • This survival bracelet is equipped with a bright LED light featuring a convenient switch for easy activation. Illuminate your surroundings with this functional and compact lighting solution.
  • Survival Whistle Design on Buckle:

    • The plastic buckle of the bracelet incorporates a survival whistle design, adding an essential signaling tool to your outdoor gear. Be heard in emergency situations with this built-in whistle.
  • Resistance to Breakage:

    • Crafted for durability, the bracelet is designed to resist breakage, ensuring reliability when you need it most. Count on the strength and resilience of this essential survival accessory.
  • Strap Length of 9 Inches:

    • With a strap length of 9 inches, this bracelet provides a comfortable fit while offering a variety of survival tools discreetly integrated into its design.
  • High Precision Compass:

    • Navigate your surroundings with confidence using the high precision compass incorporated into the bracelet. Stay on course during outdoor adventures with this reliable navigation tool.
  • 7 Strand Paracord:

    • The bracelet features a 7-strand paracord, providing you with a versatile and strong cordage for various survival applications. Unravel it when needed for tasks such as securing items or crafting makeshift tools.
  • Integrated Tools Inside Buckle:

    • The buckle conceals additional survival tools, including a stainless steel knife, bottle opener, and a no. 7 wrench. Have essential tools at your fingertips with this multifunctional bracelet.
  • Available in 11 Colors:

    • Choose from a range of 11 colors to match your style or preference. Options include black, camo, luminous black, army green, khaki, orange, digital camo, red/white/blue camo, wilderness digital camo, red/blue, and military digital camo.

Why Choose Our Survival Multifunction Bracelet?

  • Compact and Functional Lighting:

    • The built-in LED light provides compact and functional illumination, perfect for various outdoor activities.
  • Essential Survival Whistle:

    • The survival whistle on the buckle ensures you have an audible signaling tool for emergency situations.
  • Durable and Reliable Construction:

    • Crafted for durability and resistance to breakage, this bracelet is a reliable companion for outdoor adventures.
  • Versatile Paracord and Integrated Tools:

    • The 7-strand paracord and concealed tools inside the buckle offer versatility and convenience in a compact form.

Choose the Emergency Paracord & 4mm LED Light Survival Multifunction Bracelet for a practical and discreet solution to your outdoor preparedness needs.

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