More and more states are allowing crossbows to be used in their hunting seasons. Now that state game agencies are listening to the facts and looking at actual data from other states rather than have a knee-jerk reaction from far-flung statements from the anti-crossbow crowd.

Oklahoma, Nebraska, Indiana, and Michigan are only a few of the states that are including crossbows as legal weapons in their archery seasons.

But before running out and buying the first crossbow you come across, be sure to read some crossbow reviews and follow sound buying tips.

For starters, decide what you’ll be hunting. Obviously, if your hunting Whitetail Deer, the weapons you choose will be different than the one you might buy for hunting Moose! Some crossbows will be able to do both jobs, but it’s better if you buy a crossbow that is designed to hunt your particular species.

For deer sized game, compound crossbows in the 125 to 175-pound range are adequate. If you’re buying a recurve crossbow, I’d go with a 150 to a 200-pound crossbow. These are just about ideal for Whitetail and Mule Deer. They can even be used for a larger game like Elk.

Recurve or Compound? There are differences to each. I prefer recurve crossbows like the Excalibur models because they are simple, powerful and accurate. If you break a string while hunting, you simply put another one on. If you break a string with a compound crossbow, your day’s hunting is over. It may take several days to a week or more to get a replacement and special tools are needed to change a compound crossbow strings.

Also, as stated above, generally speaking, a recurve crossbow will be more accurate than the compound crossbow.

For most beginners as well as seasoned hunters, a package deal like the Excalibur Axiom will be all that’s needed to get started crossbow hunting.

But having said that, compound crossbows usually have a shorter limb to limb measurement. This makes them more compact and easier to carry through the woods than the recurve models.

Whichever type you decide to buy, make sure you get a good scope with it if your State allows them. It will make shooting a crossbow much easier!