No matter if you are going out on a casual camping adventure or a more serious outdoor expedition, you will definitely need a top rated survival knife in order to make your life as simple as possible.

Well, actually, a top rated survival knife alone doesn’t mean a lot, it’s a knife that has a great user feedback but that’s really where the whole story ends.

Top Rated Survival Knife – What You Should Look For

This process of buying a particular top rated survival knife is much more complex than that – even the best survival knife in the world (whatever that may be) could be an amazing choice for one person but an extremely bad choice for the other. It’s all relative.

When looking for a top rated survival knife, you need to look at the basic features, the design, the functionality and the relation between price and value. Even the most expensive survival knives could be inappropriate if they are not handled properly.

Luckily, we did the whole job for you and, we believe that we have the most optimal solution right here. The particular top rated survival knife that we are talking about here is Mova-58 Stainless Steel Outdoor, Survival, Hunting Knife from CDS-Survival.

It’s not an ideal top rated survival knife but it’s certainly the one that should satisfy most people. Let’s jump right into the review and see for ourselves what makes this knife so great.

Mova-58 Stainless Steel Outdoor Knife – Review

So, the first thing we have to note about this knife is that it is slightly more expensive than most similar survival knives but the mix of price and value is really outstanding here and you really get what you pay for in the end.

This top rated survival knife has a really good feeling when you hold it in your hand and that’s because of the Cocobolo wooden handle that ensures that the handling process of this knife is both comfortable and durable at the same time.

And, speaking of durability, we should add that this top rated survival knife comes with a multi-positioned sheath. What does that mean? Well, it means that the knife is very easy to hold due to the fact that it’s extremely lightweight.

Even better is that you can easily store it in a pocket and/or a backpack without a risk of causing any damage to it. And, if that’s not enough, we should also note that the whole sheath is entirely made from leather which means that, once you get this top rated survival knife, you can rest assured that it will serve you well in years to come.

This top rated survival knife has a 145 mm-long fixed blade that can easily cut through…well, virtually anything. Even if you are attacked by a rampaging wild best, you will easily be able to defend yourself without having to apply a significant effort to do so. The risk of getting yourself injured by using this top rated survival knife is also minimal because the blade is fixed and long enough to prevent that and, at the same, the thickness of 4-3/4″ is also enough to prevent any side-effects that could result from (potentially) reckless handling of this knife. You still need to be careful, though, but the design certainly got you covered.

Another point I want to make is that many people have issues with the size of their survival knives. Sometimes they really feel too tiny which makes them very problematic to cut anything without risking a severe injury. On the other hand, they can feel too big as well which doesn’t help the overall flexibility either.

What makes this particular top rated survival knife stand out from that aspect is that the knife is neither too big nor too small. The overall size is 275 mm (or 10,82 inches) whereas the size of the blade is (as we noted above) 145 mm (or 5,70 inches). A knife like this will easily find its way into many people’s hands and, at the same time, it will be equally suitable for cutting both big and smaller objects/surfaces.

We also mentioned that this top rated survival knife is designed with a strong accent on durability. To expand on that matter, this knife is both rust-resistant and (even more importantly) corrosion-resistant as well. When using a particular survival knife, it will constantly be exposed to all kinds of vermin and, if the knife is not strengthened with additional enchantments, it will be quickly worn out. At the same time, their owners will also have a high risk of becoming infected. Thankfully, that is not the case with this survival knife as, not only that the knife is properly supported for these kinds of scenarios, you will also be 100% safe when using it as well.

When it comes to blade sharpness, I can confirm that it’s really exceptional in this case. It can easily cut through different surfaces and, at the same time, you can easily sharpen it even further as well. You won’t need to look for a sharpening expert as the portable sharpening stone is bundled with the knife already. Not only that it’s extremely simple to use that sharpening stone, you can also use it anytime you want and regardless of all circumstances. It also comes with a firesteel that will easily allow you to make a quick campfire without having to resort to other external sources.

Now that we mentioned the good sides of this top rated survival knife, it’s time to mention some bad ones as well. There are not a lot of them but we have to note them so that everyone is aware of that other side of the coin as well. Compared to other similar models, this one doesn’t have any lanyard holes on it which could be an issue for some people. At the same time, the jimping could be too aggressive for some people to bear. Lastly, there is no belt included with this knife so, if you want to wrap it up and carry it around your waist, you will have to invest some additional money in order to make that happen. It’s not a huge inconvenience but we had to mention it.


  • This is the top rated survival knife with the best relation between price and quality.
  • Ideal dimensions that should fit both people who prefer bigger survival knives and the ones who prefer smaller survival knives.
  • Amazing durability.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It comes with its own sharpening stone as well as a firesteel that will allow you to quickly make fire without having to use other external sources.


  • There is no lanyard hole on this knife whatsoever.
  • You could easily find the jimping to be overly intensive for your taste.
  • You will have to find another way to carry the knife around your waist (if you prefer to carry it that way) as no belt is included with this product.


So, to sum everything up shortly, this is certainly the top rated survival knife that we can proudly recommend to everyone. You will need to invest some money to get it, that’s for sure, but you will have a survival knife that is not only effective but very durable at the same time as well.

Regardless of whether you are experienced with survival knives or not, this top rated survival knife will ensure that your outdoor endeavors are both fun and productive at the same. All that while maintaining the maximum safety of you as the end-consumer.

Thanks a bunch for reading this review and I hope you found it helpful.