Camping is certainly one of the best and one of the most productive activities as well. In order to make the most out of your camping endeavors, you’ll need some proper camping tents – top rated camping tents.

Only the top rated camping tents will give you the commodities that you need in order to enjoy all the good sides of camping and to have a proper spot to reside in while doing that. But there is another issue when buying top rated camping tents – all of them have great marks and even better user reviews. But, even despite that, they may turn out to be bad choices for you personally.

So, as you can see, buying the top rated camping tents could be very difficult when you don’t have the right info and when you don’t know what you are looking for. That is why we’ve compiled this list of the “best” top rated camping tents.

Top Rated Camping Tents – Top 10 Picks

We didn’t rank these 10 entries in any order and we gave out a very objective preview of what you can expect from each of these camping tents. Having that in mind, let’s get down to business!

6 Person Portable Foldable Waterproof Outdoor Camping Dome Tent Kit (Alprang)

top rated camping tentsThe first on our list of top rated camping tents is an amazing tent made by Alprang. This is a very flexible camping tent – it’s very easy to set the whole thing up and the process only lasts a couple of minutes. This tent is just as suitable for both camping beginners and the experienced campers as well. But, most of all, it’s a great choice for families as well as it can hold up to 6 different people. There’s plenty of room to put anything you want inside, including the 2 queens sized air mattresses if you want.

When it comes to durability, you can rest assured that this camping test has you covered there. Thanks to the 1000D heavy duty polyethylene, this camping tent is able to withstand many extreme weather conditions and for an extended time period. And, if that’s not enough you also have a power supply access port that you can use whenever you want (and you can hide it if you want as well).

This is certainly one of the best top rated camping tents that you can buy for you and your family. Especially for this price. If you want a durable and cost-effective solution, this is the product you should absolutely go for.


  • This is one of the best top rated camping tents that you can find for under $100 and it’s a very cost-effective product.
  • It offers plenty of room and it can hold up to 6 different people which makes it a great choice for families as well.
  • It’s very easy to setup and maintain.


  • You may experience some issues with zipping.
  • There could be a lack of visibility in some cases as the tent only has two (front) windows.

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent – 16′ x 9′ (Core)

best camping tentsIf you thought the previous camping tent was huge, the second entry on our list of the most appropriate top rated camping tents will make you reconsider that very quickly! Not only that you will be able to set this baby up in no time, you will get a whole pack of additional features including the rain fly and a special carry bag.

You will also get a pack of stakes and ports that will provide additional safety and comfort to your camping tent. This tent can hold up to 9 different people and it’s a great choice for both family campings and for camping with your friends and/or colleagues.

You can fit up to 3 queen size air mattresses and you will still have plenty of space for other accessories as well. And, just like the previously described camping tent, this one also comes with the electric cord power socket that you can use and/or withdraw depending on your needs. The whole structure is very stable and you will have no issues even with the very harsh weather conditions.

This is certainly one of the best top rated camping tents that you can buy if you want plenty of room for a bunch of people at the same time. No matter if you want a camping tent for your family or colleagues/friends, this one will ensure that your camping is fun and productive at the same time.


  • This is one of the best top rated camping tents and it brings a great mix of price and value.
  • It has plenty of room as well as some additional features that will make your camping adventures even more enjoyable.
  • You can set it up quickly and without any hassle.


  • There are certain visible ventilation difficulties here.
  • If you don’t handle it properly, you may end up tearing it apart.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent (Coleman)

camping tentsWhen you look up all the different top rated camping tents, you will likely spot a couple of products made by Coleman. Indeed, these people are great in producing top-quality camping tents for very reachable prices. This one is no exception.

This is an 8-person camping tent meaning that you can, once again, use it to camp with your friends, colleagues or other family members.  You have 3 different setup options available to you – instant setup (where everything is already pre-assembled and all you need to do is to unfold it), fast pitch (where you can use a set of poles and hubs to set up your tent fairly quickly) and the conventional pitch (if you don’t mind spending some additional time to properly unfold and secure the whole set).

The tent also has a waterproof floor, a zipper protection, and the well-supported seams. Sadly enough, though, the roof isn’t waterproof and many people reported the water breaking in during the heavy rainstorms which is a disadvantage. Other than that, everything seems to work properly.

If you want great quality for an acceptable, this is one of those top rated camping tents that you really need to try.


  • This is one of the most affordable top rated camping tents on the market.
  • It has plenty of room and it can hold up to 8 different people.
  • It offers a great flexibility when it comes to the setup process.


  • The roof is not waterproof and you could have serious issues when the rain gets really heavy.
  • The back window doesn’t have a zipper protection like the front one.

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin (Coleman)

top rated camping tentsUnlike the previously described top rated camping tents, this one is extremely simple but still great and easy to setup and maintain at the same time.

If you only need a very basic tent for a couple of people, you really don’t need the more expensive top rated camping tents. The setup process is extremely simple and it doesn’t take longer than 60 seconds. You already have some pre-attached components built in so this really is a “unfold and have fun” type of camping tent.

Despite being extremely simple, it still has sufficient support that will protect you from all the dangers that the nasty weather can bring. The WeaterTec system will ensure that the interior is clean from any type of dust while the integrated rainfly will provide enough ventilation to keep the natural airflow going.

The overall conclusion is that, even though this product lacks some functionalities of the more advanced top rated camping tents, it’s still good enough to provide top-quality camping parties for a smaller group of people. Sometimes the strength lies in simple concepts and you don’t need anything more to have fun. This is a proof of that!


  • This is an affordable and extremely easy to use camping tent.
  • Easy setup process and an even easier maintaining process.
  • This camping tent has a very decent support and it’s able to cope with many harsh weather conditions.


  • Compared to the more advanced top rated camping tents, this one lacks some additional functionalities.
  • Unlike the more expensive top rated camping tens, this product is not a good choice for big groups of people.

Instant Pop Up Family Camping Tent (BATTOP)

best camping tentsAnother simplistic camping tent but yet another product worthy of our list of the best top rated camping tents in 2018. Once again, we have an incredibly easily maintainable camping tent that is an ideal choice for family campings.

The automatic fiberglass frame system will ensure that the setup process really becomes a piece of cake and an intelligent design will provide all the needed support from the nasty weather while also providing enough room for all kinds of additional items. On top of that, the tent is very lightweight and you can easily move it around anywhere you go.

If you want a more advanced camping tent, this is certainly not a model for you. But, if you want a simple and compact product that is very easy to set up, move and maintain at the same time – this is certainly one of the best top rated camping tents in this price range.


  • Unlike some more expensive top rated camping tents, you don’t need to be a seasoned veteran to quickly get the grasp of this one.
  • The tent can be used in both winter and summer months.
  • This is certainly one of the best choices for family campings (especially for the given price).


  • The amount of durability is lacking compared to the more advanced top rated camping tents.
  • At the same time, it’s not really the best choice for the more seasoned campers who want more from their camping tents.

Automatic Outdoor Pop-up Tent for Camping (Qisan)

best camping tentAre you looking for one of those top rated camping tents that can bring a lasting quality but for an acceptable price? And you don’t want an “instant” solution? If the answer is “yes” in both of these cases, this camping tent from Qisan is the product that you absolutely need to consider.

Unlike the two previously described top rated camping tents, this one is also designed for up to 4 different people but it comes with a greater durability as this is not an “instant” cabin. Even despite that, the setup process is fairly simple (but still requires some experience beforehand) and you have enough room to store anything you like.

This camping tent comes with 2 doors and 4 windows and it’s supported by sturdy zippers, fairly durable and a water-resistant PU-coated polyester. This will ensure a great visibility and a very decent protection against the outdoor hazards. We should also add that the tent itself is very lightweight and you can move it around anywhere you go with minimal effort + you get a carrying bag to make that process even easier.

This is not a perfect choice for people who want some of the high-end top rated camping tents but, everyone else who is looking for a casual yet quality product should be more than satisfied with this camping tent.


  • This is one of the best top rated camping tents if we look at the relations between price and quality.
  • Very easy to setup and use in general.
  • You can easily move it around, especially since you’re getting a carrying bag as well.


  • The durability is still very lacking compared to some of the more expensive top rated camping tents.
  • The setup is simple but it still requires some experience beforehand.

INDY GT 4 to 5 Person Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent (NTK)

camping tentsI guess we can never get enough of these family-oriented top rated camping tents – this is another hot recommendation that is well worth considering. Even though it’s a bit more than the usual camping tent, it’s still designed with having simplicity in mind – the setup process is so simple that it can be done within a single minute and you can easily get the grasp of it without having to sweat too much as a camper without a previous experience.

The tent is 100% waterproof thanks to the smart combination of polyester and polyurethane while a double-layer 250- mm rainfly will protect you from extended rainfalls as well. The floor is also covered with anti-fungal polyethylene which ensures that you are not wet and that you are well protected while also keeping all the harmful bacteria and microorganisms away from your camping tent.

We should also mention the addition of nano-flex technology frames. Not only that they give you a very stable structure, they also add that additional degree of longevity that we all strive for.

For this price range, you will hardly find a better offer and this camping tent is one of those top rated camping tents that I can recommend wholeheartedly.


  • This is absolutely one of the best top rated camping tents for family campings.
  • It comes with a great degree of durability for this price range.
  • The nano-flex technology improves the overall durability even further.


  • Certain ventilation issues have been reported by some campers.
  • The tent lacks proper windows which could result in a reduced visibility during the night.

Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent (Marmot)

the best camping tentsSome camping tents are made for families, others are made for bigger groups of people but, in some cases, you may just need a basic 2-person camping tent. If that’s the profile you are looking for, this product from Marmot is one of the most suitable top rated camping tents for that occasion.

Other than being extremely easy to setup, the tent is very lightweight and it can easily fit into a regular-size backpack. The structure is basic but it provides a very good degree of sturdiness and, since the poles are made of pure aluminum, you should have no issues with the (potentially) bad weather circumstances.

The ventilation is fairly good and, surprisingly enough, there is plenty of room inside the tent even though it’s made for 2 people only. I guess it really is a win-win situation here!

If you want a camping tent for more people, absolutely ignore these lines. But if you’re up for a solo camping experience and/or a camping experience with a partner, save up some money and buy this baby. You will not be disappointed!


  • This is one of the best top rated camping tents for one and/or two people.
  • Extremely easy to setup and use.
  • Surprisingly good ventilation.


  • The price is higher than it should be.
  • Not a good choice for group camping.

Gazelle Pop Up Portable Camping Tent (Gazelle)

top rated camping tentsIf you’re looking for top rated camping tents for individual campers only, your options will be fairly limited since most of them are designed for more than 1 person. Still, we did manage to find a great tent nonetheless and this camping tent from Gazelle is probably the best choice for a “one-man show” type of camping.

Whereas the previously described top rated camping tents take at least a minute to setup, this one can be assembled in just 30 seconds. Once that is done, you’re getting a great-looking camping tent with a very good protection against the extreme weather conditions.

Equally, you’re also getting a great durability and an even better visibility as the tent is properly supplied with windows on all sides. A truly great choice when attending an open air festival and/or when making that delicious barbeque while chilling next to the river!

This is the very best tent for a solo camper and you will not find any better top rated camping tents in this category, that’s for sure. It’s well worth the price.


  • This is the very best camping tent for a single person.
  • It has a great visual design.
  • Great durability and an even better visibility.


  • It’s a bit too expensive.
  • The stakes could be a bit more stable for this price.

Campla Tent For Camping Outdoors (Campla)

best camping tents in 2018And the last entry on our list of the best top rated camping tents is a 2-person tent made by Campla.

It is a very classic 2-person camping tent but it comes with a “catch”. It comes with a detachable LED USB Light Strip that you can charge with your own power bank if you feel the need to (the power bank itself is not included). Also, the setup process is fairly simple but you still need to be experienced with camping tents in general in order to set it up quickly.

Other than that, the tent provides a great protection against all outdoor hazards and the combination of 2 pop-up windows and 2 opposite ventilating mesh will ensure that your ventilation is optimal at all times. Thanks to its double-protection design, the tent is waterproof and very durable at the same time.

This is absolutely one of the most cost-effective top rated camping tents and if you really want a good quality for an acceptable price, you should absolutely go for it!


It’s one of the most cost-effective camping tents available on the market.

It comes with an outstanding mix of price and quality.

Additional functionalities like LED USB Light Strip just make the whole product even better.


  • The power bank is not included.
  • You need some prior experience with camping tents to quickly get the hang of this one.


Those were the 10 best camping tents that you can buy this year. We honestly hope that we managed to help you out and we hope that the information that you found here will help you out with your future camping adventures.

Keep in mind, as soon as you figure out what kind of top rated camping tents you are looking for and as soon as you determine how much you are willing to pay for a given solution, you will have an ideal camping tent in front of you much faster than you expect. Information is the key to success, always keep that in mind.