A tactical knife is extremely useful because it can be can be used for all sorts of things. If you ever saw any Rambo movies you would have seen him running around with his knife, which was a quality tactical knife.

They were, in fact first used for combat missions and for hunting purposes. When looking for hunting knives it is usually a tactical knife that will pop into your mind. It is not often that we think of people killing each other in battle anymore with knives like this, but they come to good use in many other ways. For example, for those who enjoy the outdoor life, a tactical knife will be used to cut branches or clear your way through paths.

It is something you always want to have on you because you will always need it for odd jobs like opening boxes or cutting rope. This is also a good knife to have if you like to take the odd fishing trip. A fancy pocket knife often just doesn’t do the trick and you will need something more powerful.

The best type of knife that is easy to carry around is one that folds which has a good lock so no nasty accidents are caused. You also get a fixed blade and this will be carried around in a sheath. Some people will prefer this type of knife, but the folding knife is by far the more popular choice between the two.

This is a knife that also comes with a good grip, which is what you will be looking for to prevent any slipping and sliding. They come in a variety of different materials with different blades. Stainless steel will also be a good choice because it is one that you know is going to last.