Sometimes you’re lucky and have a few packs of freeze dried food left in your survival kit when you get into trouble. Of course, it’s not going to be as delicious as one of your favorite baked salmon recipes, or a nice grilled salmon steak on your BBQ, but they will get you by.

Some of this food is actually pretty good these days. I remember years ago if someone told you to bring along some freeze dried food you figured you would rather scrape some pine needles into a pot of boiling water than eat that stuff.

But, today most of the freeze dried food is tasty as well as reasonably nourishing. Thanks to substantial advances in quick flash freezing, and increased research related to drying techniques and enzyme decay in foods.

In most cases all you need is some boiling water and a pot to let the mixture sit in for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the recipe. It’s pretty hard to mess up the recipes, even if you have a little too much water or too little.

Some of the more popular brands of freeze dried food include Mountain House, Backpackers Pantry, and Enertia Trail Foods. There are a number of other smaller manufacturers that specialize, but these are the big guys who have a wide selection for everyone.

Mountain House manufacturers and packages a wide variety of dried foods in packet sizes for 2 or more. Some of the more popular foods include Buffalo-style chicken, Mexican beef, and a lot of very good breakfast entres like Spanish breakfast skillet. The only thing I don’t particularly like are the meals with a lot of meat chunks.

Backpackers Pantry tends to specialize a little more in an organic style of food, although they still have a large selection to cater to everyone. My personal favorites from them include several of their breakfast dishes.

Since freeze dried food is pretty tasty and durable, I always stick a few packs into my survival kit before heading out.