An emergency food kit is an essential part of every family’s emergency preparedness. These kits are filled with meals ready to eat (MRE) that can be prepared with minimal water and provide enough nutrition to keep a family sustained for several days or weeks.

Every family needs to have some type of plan in place in case of a major natural disaster or military conflict.

The food kits can be purchased from a variety of places. Online retailers or army surplus stores carry a number of different MREs for sale that are sure to please every diet preference. A family can build their own emergency food supply with the foods, they prefer the most. Foods like dried soups, chili, and a variety of pasta dishes can be found. Special energy bars are available and require little space to store. The bars are packed with calories and vitamins needed to keep the human body functioning properly.

Typically, the foods are freeze dried and only require a minimal amount of water to make into delicious meals. Foods that have been dehydrated are also available. These tend to have less flavor but are just as nutritious. Food kits are designed to use very little water. Potable water is a precious commodity during any disaster and should be used sparingly.

Most emergency foods have a shelf life that lasts up to 25 years. This makes it easy to continuously add to the food storage supply over a period of time. A food kit should be stocked with enough food to feed the entire family for at least three days. Cat and dog food kits are also available.

Emergency disaster preparation is encouraged by the federal government. In cases of widespread disaster, it may take at least three days before any kind of help arrives. Even then, the help may be extremely limited. A person can ensure their family’s well being by stocking an emergency preparedness kit that guarantees their family will have plenty of food and water throughout the extent of the situation.