As important to an outdoor enthusiast as a tent or a fire is a need for a high-quality pair of men’s waterproof hiking shoes. No matter military, recreational or sport, anyone involved in outdoor activity needs reliable well-made footwear.

Running, jumping and climbing all require your feet, so knowing what you need is crucial to your safety and comfort in the wild. There are many types of outdoor shoes but not all will fit your criteria. So first things first, what type of shoe fills your needs?

Hiking footwear comes in a multitude of different materials and designs so you will want to determine which type is most suited to your needs. There are three basic types of shoes for the different types of backpacking and hiking you will be doing.

Light hiking shoes

These Shoes are designed mainly for dry weather hiking. These men’s hiking shoes are very lightweight, flexible, and have high breathability. The result is they are very comfortable but less supportive and durable than the next two types. If you intend on doing more than basic sightseeing then consider a more durable shoe.

Extended Hiking or Backpacking

These shoes are designed durable enough for both on and off the hiking trails. They are far heavier duty than the previous grade of hiking shoes but still only designed for short to medium length hiking trips over light to or semi-rocky terrain. If you want to go into rivers on start climbing mountains, you might consider the next grade.

Extended backpacking or mountain climbing

These are made with the mountain man in mind. Several days hiking with heavy backpacking loads through rain, sleet, or snow is no problem with these shoes. Highly durable, waterproof and very supportive, this grade of the shoe provides you with the very highest degree of foot protection.

Well made shoes may be expensive but you get what you pay for, they will last for many years if they are taken care of correctly. Quality shoes are a perfect investment in the health and well being of your feet and also your future finances. Everything has been said, it is always a great decision to buy the highest quality men’s hiking shoes that you can afford. Rather than save a few dollars now and have them fail on you, purchase shoes that will stay with you for hundreds of miles of enjoyable hiking.