Finding a good tactical watch is pretty hard but finding the best tactical watch is even harder. And, actually, what is “the best tactical watch”? Well, some of those traits are objective but many of them are purely subjective as well.

For instance, even if you have a very functional tactical watch, you may still want more than just a regular watch and/or you could also end up not liking the design itself. The possibilities are countless but anyway, by our definition, the best tactical watch is a watch that provides great functionality, a watch that has outstanding quality and a great design and the watch that is capable of fulfilling your own personal needs as well. Only a watch like that can be called “the best tactical watch”.

There are many different offers that you can find on the market and it can be very tricky to get the right one. However, based on our internal testing and some extra research we managed to get our own recommendation for the best tactical watch for you to buy – Suunto Traverse Alpha. This is a truly outstanding model and down below you will be able to see why first-hand.

Let’s get down to business!

Best Tactical Watch – Suunto Traverse Alpha

best tactical watch 2018As soon as you unpackage this watch, you can already tell that this is not just an ordinary tactical watch but certainly, a model that deserves to be called the best tactical watch. Now, we should note that this product is made in 2015 but, nonetheless, it’s still our hot recommendation in 2018 as well.

The best thing about this best tactical watch is that it’s made for both the casual customers and the more demanding ones. This best tactical watch can be perfect for everyday use but it can also be an ideal choice when you are doing some more intensive activities like hunting, hiking or even when climbing a mountain. It’s also very suitable for military personnel as well which is why we can safely call it a classic “military watch” as well.

The watch itself is able to provide so much more than just the regular “time-counting” function. Namely, it comes equipped with GPS navigation features as well as some smaller “tweaks” that will make your hunting and fishing activities so much easier.  Some of those tweaks that we mentioned here include the sunrise alert, moon phase calendar, weather trend alert, red backlight (that you can and should use during the night) as well as the ever-needing automatic shot detection that will instantly focus on your prey in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of the design itself, this best tactical watch is made by using only the top-quality materials. To be more precise, the watch is made by using the highly durable composite materials and we can also see a stainless steel bezel. The watch is also fully waterproof and, in particular, we can see that the strap is also made by using the water-resistant textile. Not only that it provides an outstanding comfort, it also raises the flexibility to a whole new level as well.

Speaking of its advanced features, this best tactical watch also has a support for Military Grid Reference System coordinates (or MGRS in short) that are used by the military personnel on a daily basis. In fact, it should be noted that even NATO uses this system as well. Other than that, this best military watch also has its own set of vibration alerts and you can set up your own waypoints as well.

On top of that, you are able to import various different routes in several different formats such as KML and/or GPX. As soon as you configure your waypoints and your routes, you can instantly use the advanced navigation features as you will be able to easily track both your current location and the route(s) leading to your preferred destination.

I believe I don’t have to mention just how useful the GPS navigation can be and, once you buy this best tactical watch, there will be no need to invest in getting a separate GPS device for this particular purpose. You will be perfectly covered with this purchase as well. The best thing about this GPS feature is also that it comes with a staggering amount of details. Not only that you can track down your location and the (desired) destination, you can also see the time that it takes to get there, the overall distance and even the speed itself.

So, as you can see, this best tactical watch was carefully crafted and the manufacturers ensured that all of its features (both the basic and the more advanced ones) are perfectly utilized.

It should also be noted that this best tactical watch also comes with its own application that is available as both web application and mobile application as well.  You need to synchronize your Smartphone with the app, however, in order to use it and to track down all the info that we described above. But, once you do that, you will be able to easily access all the data that you need and you can even modify the settings via the app itself as well.

And, if that’s not enough, you can always use some of the other more advanced features like the thermometer, barometer, compass….as well as the others that we described above. Truth be told, they are not truly as advanced as the GPS feature but they still do their job perfectly.

To make a short recap, Suunto Traverse Alpha is still the best tactical watch for you to buy even 3 years later. Not only that this best tactical watch is designed from top-quality materials, it’s also very functional and easy to use. And it offers so much more than just a regular tactical watch (for a very reasonable price as well). So, no matter from what angle you look from, this is absolutely the best tactical watch that you can buy at this point and it remains our hottest recommendation!


  • This is the absolute best tactical watch that you can find within this price range.
  • It’s extremely flexible and very easy to use.
  • As this best tactical watch is made from only the top-quality materials, the product itself provides an outstanding durability.
  • It offers much more than just a regular watch as you are also getting a GPS navigation features as well as many other smaller ones that can be very useful when it comes various different activities like fishing and hunting.
  • It also comes with its own app that can be synchronized with this best tactical watch in order to maximize your experience and lift it even further.


  • The only huge downside here comes from the fact that the battery doesn’t last as much compared to other (similar) models which is quite a shame.


I hope that you found the info in this brief (but informative) article helpful and I also hope that we managed to convince you that Suunto Traverse Alpha is (still) the best tactical watch that you can buy nowadays.

The best tactical watch needs to be functional and it needs to provide the needed quality as well. This one easily fulfills both of our criteria hence why we are certain that you will be a very satisfied customer when/if you decide to buy it at the very end.