There are many small tactical fixed blade knives in the market and it’s not easy to choose the best small tactical fixed blade knife but I’ve tried my best to pick the best one for you…

What is a Tactical Knife And His Purpose

A tactical knife is extremely useful because it can be can be used for all sorts of things. If you ever saw any Rambo movies you would have seen him running around with his knife, which was a quality tactical knife.

They were, in fact first used for combat missions and for hunting purposes. When looking for hunting knives it is usually a tactical knife that will pop into your mind. It is not often that we think of people killing each other in battle anymore with knives like this, but they come to good use in many other ways. For example, for those who enjoy the outdoor life, a tactical knife will be used to cut branches or clear your way through paths.

It is something you always want to have on you because you will always need it for odd jobs like opening boxes or cutting rope. This is also a good knife to have if you like to take the odd fishing trip. A fancy pocket knife often just doesn’t do the trick and you will need something more powerful.

The best type of knife that is easy to carry around is one that folds which has a good lock so no nasty accidents are caused. You also get a fixed blade and this will be carried around in a sheath. So, today we’ve picked the best small tactical fixed blade knife for you.

Best Small Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife

After reading all reviews from across the internet I’ve found that Gerber Ghoststrike is unquestionably the best small tactical fixed blade knife. That is not only my opinion, that is an opinion of more than 5 hundred 5-star reviews from happy customers on Amazon.

best small tactical fixed bladeWhat are the reasons why people consider Gerber Ghoststrike as the best small tactical fixed blade knife?

There are many reasons but one of the most common is because this knife is ultra-light self-defense knife with a great sheath system.

The modular sheath system is another reason why we consider Gerber as the best small tactical fixed blade knife because it can be worn horizontally on the belt or vertically on a belt like many traditional fixed blade knife.

Gerber Ghoststrike is made of 420HC steel, it has a black ceramic coating that offers great corrosion resistance and minimizes reflective surfaces. Gerber’s Ghoststrike has a 3.3-inch blade that can slice and rip with precision.

Gerber’s Ghoststrike rubber features a diamond texture, which provides excellent fit in handy in critical situations. This knife is perfect for left handers or right handers.

Another reason why I consider Gerber Ghoststrike as the best small tactical fixed blade knife is because it is designed to be as low profile as possible.


  • Extremely lightweight and slim
  • Perfect sheath design and retention
  • Variety of carry styles
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty


  • Punch knife is single-edged (this may be a pro, depending on your local laws)