When it comes to watches in general, you should aim to buy the model that has the best relation not only between price and quality but also between a great design and functionality. The best military watches will do just that.

A military watch is more than a regular watch as it provides an outstanding degree of durability and it also looks very fashionable. Some of the best military watches can really make you look like agent 007 (no, we are not exaggerating here). That is why it’s in your best interest to buy the best military watches that you can find (one or more of them, depending on your budget).

Best Military Watches -Introduction

But, it’s easy to say that you only need to look for the best military watches and type that into your search bar………what model should you go for? That is the right question. And if you are clueless right now and don’t know where to begin, we got you covered!

We did most of the job for you already and these 10 products are truly the best military watches that you can buy in 2018. But, do pay attention……we didn’t rank these models in any order and, in fact, since we know that many of our readers care a lot about their budget as well, we decided to make everything even easier and divide our choices into several different categories.

You can easily look for the best military watches in the preferred price range. Also, take note that none of these 10 military watches are perfect and each of them has their own pros and cons so, you really need to determine your own preferences before going for a particular model.

Now that we cleared that up, it’s time to jump to the real thing!

Best Military Watch Under $100

Casio Man’s G-Shock – Military Series Watch 100-1A1 (Casio)

best military watchesThe first on our list of best military watches is this pretty baby from Casio. From the very first moment you put this watch on your hand, you will be able to feel its elegance and a sharp design that just shines everywhere. One would think that the best military watches cannot be found in this price range but solutions like these really make us wonder.

The design is very simple and straightforward and you can easily pair this military watch with any piece of clothing. The watch is equipped with an anti-magnetic structure as well as an auto LED light that is automatically turned on and off depending on the environment.

So, not only that the numbers look nice (when you look at them from above), the glowing LED effects truly make this model one of a kind. Some of the other features that make this product one of the best military watches include water-resistance (up to 200 meters), a stopwatch with a speed indicator (this is a very useful addition in some situations) and an auto-calendar that is pre-programmed until 2099!

And that’s not all yet, this military watch also has 29 different time zones so, you won’t have any issues even when traveling to a distant country and/or another continent. At the same time, you can tweak the daylight saving options as well (normally, you really want this feature turned on).

As you can see, looking for the best military watches is much tougher than it looks at first but, it’s models like these that make our lives so much easier. This is absolutely one of the best military watches that you can buy in this price range and if you want a good mix of price and quality, you should absolutely “open your pocket” for this one. It has more than enough features for this price range, however, if you want some of the more advanced models, you should look for another price range, really.


  • This is one of the best military watches that you can buy in this category.
  • The watch is equipped with some truly amazing features that will enhance your experience even further. But, what’s even more important, these additions will prove to be very useful in the long run.
  • You can easily pair up this military watch with any clothing. The design is very straightforward and universal!


  • Even though it’s certainly one of the best military watches that you can buy, there is also a reason why it’s cheaper than some of the more high-end models. One of the biggest concerns here is durability. Even though it’s fairly decent, it’s still not on par with the more expensive military watches.
  • The visibility is not ideal in some circumstances (yes, even with the glowing effects).

Mens Military Multifunction Digital Watch (North Edge)

best military watchIf you were overwhelmed with the functionalities that the previous model provides, you will surely be amazed when you see what this military watch has in store. In both of these cases, we have a legit proof that the best military watches don’t necessarily need to hang around the most expensive categories.

When you take a look at this particular military watch, you will quickly realize just how convenient it is and how flexible it is for a watch that only costs $50.99. This model is also equipped with a modern LED technology that will allow you to see the right time even when the overall visibility is decreased to a (nearly) non-existent level.

This military watch is all about simplicity but also about being visually attractive (even though you are free to disagree with the second statement). You can wear it anywhere and it works perfectly in both indoor and outdoor areas.

We should also mention that, other than providing the basic functionality, this military watch also provides some additional goodies that will make your life so much easier. That’s what all the best military watches need to provide anyway!

The number of additional features is huge and I certainly recommend checking out the full list but, I will help you out here as well by mentioning the most important ones…as well as the most useful ones that you should take note of. Other than the standard additions like stopwatch and alarm, this military watch is supplied with an altimeter, barometer, thermometer (yep, it can measure the temperature as well), a low power reminder, pedometer (that can be easily used to track down your calories)…and it even has a backlight and weather forecast function.

If you ever heard of those “all-in-1” watches, this model is very close to that and it’s no wonder why it found a place on our list of best military watches. Oh, and did we say that this watch is waterproof? Yep, it has that as well.

To sum this up shortly, this is absolutely one of the best military matches that you can buy in this price range and, for this money, you will hardly find a better way. If you want a modern military watch that is durable and a military watch that can offer much more than your regular everyday watch – look no further, this guy is waiting for you!


  • With this model, you are getting one of the best military watches that you can find under $100
  • With a long list of additional features, this military watch is much more than just a regular watch.
  • The accent is put on a simple and convenient design that makes this military watch wearable in any case that you can imagine – even while playing sports and while being underwater.


  • Even though this is mostly a subjective perception (as I noted above), I think that this military watch fails to deliver when it comes to the visual part.
  • Even though it is stated that the watch is waterproof, the manufacturer states that water may cause a certain amount of damage to the exterior buttons. So, technically, it’s not really completely waterproof.

Men’s Outdoor Sports Waterproof Digital Analog (Marble)

military watch under 100The last entry on our list of best military watches that you can get for less than $100 is this outstanding model that comes from Marble. Many of the best military watches that you can find even for the highest prices often don’t have an optimal relation between the price, quality and the visual design. This watch, however, is different.

One of the things that really sets this watch apart from the other best military watches is the way it looks.  It comes packed in several different colors (my personal favorite is orange, I have to admit) and, no matter which one you decide to go for, you will quickly become a special snowflake (and no, it’s not irony in this case) whenever you decide to show it off to your friends and colleagues.

Just like the 2 previously described military watches, this one is also waterproof and there is no risk (except the extremely low theoretical risk) that the watch will be damaged even when swimming and diving underwater. The watch also has a stainless steel back cover and it’s equipped with a mineral glass table mirror in order to prevent any type of damage that could result from scratching.

And, as usual, the watch is capable of delivering even the more advanced features like the backlight and even a calendar. Of course, it also has the features that you would expect from the best military watches like the stopwatch and the alarm.

If you are looking for the best military watches and for a low price, this is certainly one of the best offers that you can find. Not only that this military watch is flexible and easy to wear, it also provides enough durability in the long run and it looks great. Really, that’s everything that one should want from his/her military watch anyway!


  • This is yet another valuable entry on our list of best military watches and it has everything that an average customer wants from his/her military watch in general.
  • It comes in several different colors and all of them look great.
  • It has a great mix of both price and value and it’s very cost-effective.


  • Even though the product has a great durability, it could be compromised if we are talking about very low temperatures.
  • Unlike some other best military watches, this one requires intensive strap maintenance if you want the watch to remain functional from the outer side.

Best Military Watch Under $200

Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch (Luminox)

best military watch under 200The best military watches under 200 $ already lean towards the more high-end approach but, regardless of that, they are just as great as the best military watches from the more expensive range and even the ones from the cheaper range. This model from Luminox is a testament to that claim.

As you can already see on the image above, this is a military watch with a very sharp design and it really does have that navy feel to it.  In order to make the display as secure as possible, the manufacturer decided to use a mineralized Polyurethane which ensures maximum scratch-resistance. At the same time, just like the models above, this one is also water-resistant and it can be safely used even in the underwater surroundings.

Another thing that really sticks out is the fact that this military watch comes with a set of very tightly designed tritium markers. It’s not easy to read the time in very dark environments but these markers will certainly help you out. Just like many watches that we can add into the “best military watches” category, you can immediately tell that the materials used here are top-quality and they will ensure that your military watch is a lasting one.

There are many watches in this price group that you can call “best military watches for under 200 $” but this one really gets our recommendation. Not only that you will get a handsome-looking military watch, you will also get a quality model that should serve you well for quite some time. And that is exactly what we should aim for.


  • This guy from Luminox is certainly one of the best military watches that you can find for this price as it combines the price and value perfectly.
  • The design is quite simple but it’s enhanced just enough to ensure the long-lasting quality.
  • The tritium markers will help your military watch stand out even in the darkest surroundings.


  • Although the basic composition is very durable, the same is not applied to the rubber strap, unfortunately. Many customers have already reported that it wears out very quickly.
  • Some of the best military watches on the market are fully repairable but not this one. If any part gets broken and/or if the watch itself is malfunctioning, you will most likely need to buy another one.

Casio Men’s G9300-1 Mudman G-Shock Shock Resistant Multi-Function

best military watch under 200If you already looked at our list of best military watches for under 100 $, you could’ve seen that we already recommended one model from Casio. And, right now, we have another equally amazing model that we will gladly put on our list of best military watches under 200 $ as well.

The design concept of this military watch is very similar to their previously described model. This is also a watch that can be easily paired with any piece of clothing and it’s a clock that exhibits a very minimal yet powerful design.  The display itself is digital and it’s fully mineralized in order to prevent scratch damage. The water-resistance feature is a standard for all the best military watches and, in this case, it can go up to 660 feet.

Other than that, it’s worth noting that this military watch is also shock-resistant and it comes pre-equipped with some additional features like the digital compass and thermometer.

You won’t really find so many better offers for the best military watches of this range so, yet again, I highly recommend you trying this one out. If you already owned some of the other military watches made by Casio, you will quickly adapt to this one. If not…well, now is the right time to do so!


  • Almost every military watch made by Casio can be put in the “best military watches” category and this one is no exception. A great mix of price and value is one of the first reasons why we can recommend this product to anyone who wants a long-lasting quality.
  • Unlike many other best military watches made by other companies, this one is shock-resistant (a trademark of Casio, I would say).
  • The design is minimalistic and yet, you can easily wear this military watch anywhere and at any point.


  • Once again, the rubber band may end up being worn out way before its (reasonable) time.
  • A number of additional features are, surprisingly, not that big (compared to the other best military watches that made it to our list).

Victorinox Original XL Black Stainless Steel Watch

best military watch under 200You thought that we are finished with the best military watches in this price range? Wrong! We have one more model that we will gladly show off here.

This military watch from Victorinox has (nearly) everything that all the best military watches need to have. It’s elegant and it looks great, it has a very sharp contrast and you can easily see the numbers even when the visibility is drastically reduced. At the same, the display is protected with a mineralized glass (just like the previously described best military watches) while the edges are enhanced with a black aluminum topping.

The strap is made by using the combination of nylon and leather. It won’t feel uncomfortable when you wear it and this combination should also prevent the band from wearing off too quickly. We should also mention that the watch does come with a certain degree of water resistance but only up to 100 meters which is technically………..not really practical in the long run.

Even though this military watch is far from perfect (just like any other product really), it certainly deserved its spot on our list of the best military watches for this year. The combination of a modern (yet sleek) design, great price, and an extended functionality all make up for its flaws very well and, definitely, this model deserves your attention.


  • Just like the previous entries on our list of best military watches for 2018, this one can also easily win the hearts of many customers by providing a great mix between the price, the good visual design and the extended functionality.
  • The contrast is very high in this one and the numbers are very visible even in the darkest possible environments.
  • The combination of nylon and leather should make the strap more durable than usual.


  • Unlike the previously described best military watches, we cannot guarantee that this model is capable of providing a very long durability.
  • The water-resistance feature is virtually non-existent.

Best Military Watch Under $300

Swiss Made Military Field Army Watch (Marathon)

best military watch under 300When we talk about the best military watches for under 300 $, we are already digging into the high-end category of best military watches. Contrary to what you may think, it’s actually harder to find the very best military watches in this category because the competition is really tough and some very minor things could make all the difference in the end.

However, we firmly believe that we managed to make your life easier by choosing the very best solutions that we could find (and review). The following two models are very similar but they are both great and unique in their own way. Which is exactly what we want!

The first military watch from this category is this precious jewel from an established manufacturer called Marathon. The amount of quality that comes with this military watch is truly priceless and, according to the manufacturer, it’s a model designed with a strong focus on general infantry. The contrast is very high here as well and the tritium gas cubes allow the display to glow without any actual need for additional charging by an additional external source.

This model is also entirely designed according to the latest Government specifications so that it can be effectively used by the military personnel as well (it is a “military watch” after all, isn’t it?).

Another great thing that comes with this watch is that the manufacturer has a very long tradition in this market. Not only that these watches are true and legit Swiss watches (we know how great they are), all of the products made by Marathon excel in their quality ever since 1939. So, you really have a great brand and a great product here, a practical win-win scenario!

You will hardly find a more appropriate offer when looking for the best military watches under $300. Even though this model lacks some additional functionalities that the previously described best military watches all posses, this is still a great choice for everyone who is willing to pay for a long-lasting quality as well as a great-looking military watch overall. Give it a try and I am sure that you will not regret it!


  • Unlike some of the previously described best military watches, in this case, we have a strong brand and a great product as well.
  • The watch is very lightweight and easy to wear.
  • It looks great and it doesn’t require any additional charging as the tritium gas tubes will already do the whole job for you.


  • The product description is kinda lacking.
  • This military watch doesn’t have any additional functionalities (unlike the previously described best military watches).

GPW German Military Titanium Watch (GPW)

best military watchWell, compared to the previously described best military watches, this one really has a simple name, doesn’t it? Despite that, this military watch is yet another model that I just can’t recommend enough.

Similar to the previous model from Marathon, this one also has that traditional Swiss formula that makes these military watches so superb. It’s a very lightweight watch and it’s very easy to handle. It doesn’t look overly complex and it’s very easy to fall in love with it at first sight already.

The #1 material used here is titanium. This fact alone should be enough to reassure you that this guy is made to last for quite a long time. At the same time, the watch is equipped with a very strong sapphire crystal and the display is covered with an anti-reflection coating. This is one additional step when it comes to display protection as this technology has already proven to be more effective than the regular glass mineralization.

At the same time, the watch is water-resistant and there is no risk of malfunctioning even when diving underwater.

If you want a true quality military watch that is made by using the commonly accepted Swiss design concepts, this is one of the top picks for sure. You may be baffled when you see that the watch is missing some of the additional functionalities but, when it comes to its primary function, this is certainly one of the best military watches that you can find.  As long as you are able to afford it, I don’t expect any issues in the long run.


  • There is a reason why all the military watches that adopted the Swiss design methodologies are truly the best military watches. This model is a proof of that.
  • Unlike the previously described best military watches, titanium is the main material here and this fact alone ensures that the watch can really last quite a long time. At the same time, the display is protected with an anti-reflection coating so any type of scratch damage is essentially impossible.
  • The watch is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • It doesn’t have any additional functionalities like some of the previously described best military watches.
  • While the watch itself is extremely durable, you will likely need to buy a new strap in about a year or 2 only. 

Best Military Watch Under $500

General Purpose Mechanical (GPM) Military Field Watch with Tritium(Marathon)

best military watchesIf you are looking forward to buying the best military watches for under $500, you should know that you already got yourself into the high-end category of best military watches.

Some customers are happy with the basic military watches and, on the other hand, others want more and they are willing to pay for it. There’s no right or wrong here, both types of watches serve their purpose well and both are very viable choices.

What matters the most is that, in case you have the money to afford the more expensive models, you should make sure that you really get the best military watches from this particular price range.

People say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and they’re perfectly right. The previously described model from Marathon was a true blessing and this one isn’t an exception either. If you already own some of the watches made by Marathon, you already know how great they are but, if that’s not the case, you will now get the chance to familiarize with them.

Just like WW194015, this model is also very lightweight and incredibly easy to get around with. At the same time, the design was made according to all the latest Government specifications so the watch can be used by both the casual customers and the experienced professionals as well.

According to the specifications, titanium is not the primary material here but, that doesn’t affect the overall durability at all. The visibility is great and the addition of tritium gas tubes will once again ensure that you don’t need any exterior light source to power up this baby.

We should also add that, unlike the previously described best military watches, this one comes with one unique mechanism called “automatic movement”. That means that the movement always scales on its own and you don’t need to dedicate any special attention to things that would ultimately just move your focus away from much more important things.

This is absolutely the watch that you can’t go wrong with. Even though I would love to see some additional features that some of “our” cheaper best military watches (the ones that we described earlier) have and even though I would like to see some enhancements being added to make the strap more durable, you really get what you pay for – a brilliantly designed Swiss military watch that will serve you well in years to come.


  • Yet another outstanding military watch from Marathon that is capable of delivering outstanding quality for a very decent price.
  • The watch is very compact and flexible at the same time. It’s made by following the latest Government trends which makes it suitable for both the casual and the professional wearers.
  • The automatic movement feature is a very nice addition to have.


  • The strap is (sadly) once again an issue after a prolonged usage.
  • For this amount of money, it would be better if we had some useful additions like the stopwatch, thermometer, etc…

Swiss Army Men’s Watch (Victorinox)

best military watch under 500The last entry on our list of best military watches in 2018 and a watch that is “borderline” fitting to this category. But, you can really tell it’s well deserved!

We already introduced you to Victorinox and now we have one more model to share and recommend. Both of these are truly some of the best military watches that you can find. The design concepts of all of their watches are fairly identical and this one is no exception. Stainless steel is a predominant material found in this watch and, thanks to its intelligent casing, this model is capable of withstanding many different types of damage. And, it can be durable for quite some time as well.

The stainless steel coating is hypoallergenic as well so there is no health concern associated with this product either. The display is protected with an anti-reflective sapphire as well so there is no risk that any kind of dust and/or scratching will cause damage to it. This watch is water-resistant as well but only up to 100 meters. Not really what we hoped for.

Unlike the other more expensive best military watches, this one does come with some additional features that make our lives…well, that much easier. It has a calendar, a tachymeter and a stopwatch for example. You never really know when you may need those things in the future!

This is an expensive watch but, if you’re one of those people who can pay for it, you will be able to enjoy a brilliantly-designed military watch that is both enjoyable and durable at the same time. Is it perfect? Not really. Is it worth the price? Absolutely! I can guarantee that you will not regret your purchase one bit and, if these lines made you interested, I can only add – go for it!


  • This is one of the most expensive but also one of the absolute best military watches that we can offer here.
  • The tight and compact design will make this watch both durable and enjoyable at the same time.
  • On top of being heavily protected, this military watch also comes with those sweet little additions that we all love and fondly remember.


  • The water-resistance feature is not up to the required standards.
  • For some reason, the tritium gas tubes don’t function properly at all times.


We’ve reached the end of our list of “best buy” best military watches in 2018. As you can see, the market is truly vast and it’s easy to get lost when you don’t have a guiding hand. Having that in mind, it’s even easier to buy a wrong model if you didn’t prioritize your own needs and/or if you don’t know what you are looking for.

As soon as you have these two things determined and as soon as you figure out how much you are willing to pay for your long-lasting military watch, you will be one step closer to finding your ideal model.

If you’re still not sure which of these best military watches is your ideal pick, I recommend checking out some user reviews as well. None of these watches are perfect and they all have their pros and cons.

But even the best buying guide may not address an issue that you may have when using that particular product. The feedback that different customers are giving could sometimes really turn the tides and make you even closer to buying the best possible military watch on the market.

I hope you found this information useful and I also hope that enjoyed reading through the article…